Tiger goes for a stroll through Qatar's capital

Tiger goes for a stroll through Qatar's capital
A tiger caused alarm in Qatar after the big cat was filmed walking calmly among traffic in Doha, before being rescued by its owner.
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08 Mar, 2016
Qatari law prohibits locals from owning wild cats as pets [Twitter screengrab]
A tiger has been spotted taking a gentle stroll along a busy highway in Qatar's capital Doha.

The big cat was filmed in a 20 second video showing the tiger cub wandering around stationary cars on the Doha Expressway. Passengers stayed in their vehicles and watched in disbelief.

A broken chain suggested that the cub had broken free from its owner.

During the panic, a state-owned Twitter account confirmed that a tiger was on the loose, but assured residents that they were on the case.

Local media reported that the tiger was later recaptured by its owner but he could face trouble from the law.

Unlike other Gulf States, where owning wild cats is fairly common, Qatari law prohibits citizens from owning the creatures as pets.

Those caught face stiff fines and imprisonment.