Thirty airstrikes later: Devastation and destruction in Ghouta's Arbin [graphic images]

Thirty airstrikes later: Devastation and destruction in Ghouta's Arbin [graphic images]
Exclusive: Syrian photographer Qusay Noor captures the relentless devastation in Eastern Ghouta, where airstrikes continue to claim hundreds of lives [Warning: Contains graphic images].
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25 Feb, 2018
Over 100 children have been killed in Eastern Ghouta in the past week [Qusay Noor]
The Syrian regime's blood-soaked siege on opposition-held Eastern Ghouta has now entered its second week, with the reality of ceasefire seeming more and more futile.

The relentless bombing and shelling campaign targeting mostly civilian homes, marketplaces and hospitals over the past seven days has seen the conflict escalate to one of its most deadly moments in its seven-year history.

At least 519 people have been killed, including more than 100 children, with thousands more injured and houses, hospitals and infrastructure reduced to piles of rubble.

Russian airplanes have been spotted over the eastern Damascus suburb, despite its denial of playing any part in the civilian massacre.

Over two days between 20th and 21st February, the Eastern Ghouta town of Arbin suffered a staggering 30 airstrikes and eight barrel bomb attacks.

Médecins Sans Frontières issued a statement on Saturday warning that doctors and nurses were at risk of collapsing from exhaustion after working to save injured Syrians for the past seven days without a break, while their hospitals were simultaneously bombed and shelled.

The town of Arbin was hit by 30 airstrikes and eight barrel bombs in just two days [Qusay Noor]
The Syria Civil Defence - otherwise known as the White Helmets - have worked tirelessly to save civilians from the destruction [Qusay Noor]

Russian-backed regime bombings have targeted civilian homes, as well as marketplaces and health facilities [Qusay Noor]
Arbin's civilians look on as their homes are reduced to rubble [Qusay Noor]
Hundreds of artillery shells in Arbin have inflicted scores of injuries [Qusay Noor]
The siege in Arbin was so relentless, not even the wildlife was spared [Qusay Noor]

A man makes his way through the rubble that once was shops and apartment blocks lining Arbin's streets [Qusay Noor]