Ten times Trump tweeted against attacking Syria

Ten times Trump tweeted against attacking Syria
President Donald Trump ordered surprise air raids on a Syrian regime airfield on Friday, but he may have forgotten about his previous digital footprint where he spoke against intervention.
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07 Apr, 2017
Donald Trump [Getty]
US President Donald Trump ordered cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airbase in the early hours of Friday. The intervention was a controversial one for many worldwide, and also a scenario he spoke against not so long ago.

Before he became president, Trump was a vocal critic of former US President Barack Obama's Syria policy.

He constantly urged former US President Barack Obama to "stay out of Syria" and focus more on American affairs during his Twitter rants.

Trump also based his election campaign around non-interventionism. After he won a surprise victory in the US presidential election, Trump advocated localising the Syria question by demanding Gulf states pay for regional "safe zones".

Trump may have forgotten his previous opinions, but his digital footprint is still there, and his critics on Twitter have been eager to highlight this u-turn.

The reasons Trump gave for US non-intervention in Syria were numerous. Here are a few of them.

He was worried about the Syrian rebels

Why intervene in Syria when Arab states can do it instead?
Would Obama have listened to Trump's tweets if he used the @ button? We'll never know...
Of course, he had to mention Hillary Clinton when they were competing in the elections...