Syrians mourn 'stalwart ally' in US Congress John McCain

Syrians mourn 'stalwart ally' in US Congress John McCain
Pro-opposition Syrians have sent their condolences to the family of departed US Senator John McCain, due to his strong support for their cause.
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26 Aug, 2018
The flag over the White House flies half staff after the death of McCain [Getty]

Syrians and supporters of the Syrian revolution took to social media on Sunday to mourn the death of US Senator John McCain, who many viewed as their most stalwart ally in Congress.

Condolences poured in from across the world Sunday morning after the veteran senator lost his battle with brain cancer on Saturday.

His death ends a 35-year political career, where the Republican often went against the party line, garnering the respect of many across the world.

"If John McCain had won the US presidency, Syria's mass graves would be empty; a million of its citizens mass-murdered by Assad would be alive, and their tyrant would be ugly history," tweeted Syrian political commentator, Rana Kabbani.

Many Syrians remembered McCain for his stand with the Syrian revolution and being outspoken against dictatorship.

The friend of the Syrian Revolution died.
The man was known for his principled stances with the Syrian revolution, and his strong criticism of Obama and Trump's stances and silence to Assad's massacres.

While US President Trump offered little by means of sympathy, tributes poured in from across to political spectrum.