Syrian refugee children 'forced to kneel before Lebanese flag'

Syrian refugee children 'forced to kneel before Lebanese flag'
Blog: Footage that appears to show Syrian and Iraqi refugee children being humiliated at a public school in Lebanon has emerged.
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05 Nov, 2015
Lebanon has welcomed millions of refugees but racism against them remains a major issue [AFP]
In the latest in a series of documented abuses against refugees, an undercover crew from a Lebanese television show has filmed children at a Lebanese public school apparently being made to kneel before the national flag in what appears to be punishment.

"Talk Straight", aired by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation on November 2, said the children were Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and, citing witness reports, alleged that the practice was widespread in other schools.

Lebanon, a tiny Arab Mediterranean nation of four million, is struggling to cope with millions of Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees.

However, there have been repeated complaints of systematic racism in the country targeting refugees and foreign domestic workers.

The video (in Arabic) may be distressing to some viewers.
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