Syrian 'miracle baby' saver killed in Aleppo

Syrian 'miracle baby' saver killed in Aleppo
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12 Aug, 2016
A civil defence worker who saved the life of a baby trapped under rubble has been killed in airstrikes in Syria's Aleppo, where violence is raging on.
Khaled Omar Harah worked tirelessly to save the lives of many [The Syria Campaign]
The story of Khaled Omar Harah is one that many can never forget. A member of the civil defence, known as Syria’s White Helmets, Khaled worked endlessly to save the lives of many caught up in the violence that continues to haunt Syria till today. 

His most memorable act was saving the life of two-week-old baby Mahmoud from under the rubble of a three-story house destroyed following a barrel bomb attack. After twelve hours of digging, Khaled managed to reach Mahmoud and rescue him. It was a miracle, were the echoes following the heroic response.

"This baby was stronger than collapsed ceilings, stronger than barrel bombs, stronger than everything," he said at the time.

But Khaled will never get a chance to visit the baby whose life he saved.

He died, along with a dozen other civilians, after a Russian airstrike hit an old district of Aleppo on Thursday. He was killed in the neighbourhood of al-Romosa while attempting to evacuate the area’s civilians.

"Countless people owe their lives to Khaled. For years he ran into danger, emerging from the dust carrying people in his arms or on his shoulders. He was killed doing what Khaled did – saving others," wrote The Syria Campaign.

"Before the revolution, Khaled was a painter and decorator. Today, like so many others, he died a hero," the organisation added.

Khaled was one of the earliest volunteers of the White Helmets and since joining has responded to thousands of attacks.

"He made the same choice thousands of times – to run towards bombs knowing he could be killed," said The Syria Campaign. 

"Millions of people around the world have watched the Miracle Baby video and been inspired by Khaled and his bravery.

"May we all strive to be more like Khaled, to serve humanity and be heroes to each other, with humility and grins that can light up a room... Humanity lost another hero. We are all heartbroken."