Suicidal man saved by President Erdogan 'kills wife's lover'

Suicidal man saved by President Erdogan 'kills wife's lover'
A man whose suicide was prevented by Turkey's president has made headlines once again after killing a DJ who he claims was his wife's lover.
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06 Oct, 2017
Vezir Catras met President Erdogan in 2015 while attempting to kill himself [YouTube screenshot]

A man whose suicide attempt in 2015 was stopped by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has killed a man who was allegedly having an affair with his wife, Turkish media reported on Thursday.

The murder took place in the Sultangazi district of Istanbul on October 2, when emergency services were called to the area after smoke was seen billowing from a residential building.

Police discovered a dead body in an apartment after arriving at the scene.

The body was identified as that of Celal Dogancik, a DJ who worked at venues around Istanbul. Further investigation revealed that Dogancik may have been choked to death before his killer set fire to the apartment.

Vezir Catras, whose 2015 suicide attempt was recorded and went viral because of President Erdogan's intervention, is the main suspect in the murder.

During the suicide attempt, Catras stood on the edge of the Bosphorus Bridge, however was encouraged to stand down by the president and his entourage, who happened to be crossing the bridge at the time.

Catras confessed to Monday's murder, telling police that Dogancik had been having an affair with his wife.

He added that he had separated from his wife in April 2016 and had suffered financial difficulties since trying to commit suicide.