Skyscrapers on Mars? UAE to build planet's first city

Skyscrapers on Mars? UAE to build planet's first city
The United Arab Emirates has locked its focus on Mars, it seems, as the Gulf State's rulers confirm a 100-year national plan to build the first city on Mars.
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15 Feb, 2017
The UAE's Dubai is notorious for its skyscrapers [AFP]

International hot-spot Dubai could face serious competition soon, as the United Arab Emirates confirmed plans to build the first city on Mars as part of a 100-year national programme.

The Mars 2117 project was announced by Emirati leaders on the sidelines of the World Government Summit attended by more than 100 representative from foreign governments, six major international organisations, as well as leading international tech companies.

The 100-year plan will involve identifying and training national cadres that "can achieve scientific breakthroughs to facilitate the transport of people to the Red Planet over the next decades," local Gulf News reported.

Abu Dhabi is expected to employ specialised international organisations and scientific institutes to contribute to the ambitious project, although details of the vision were not shared.

But if the rise of Dubai is anything to go by, lavish skyscrapers and out-of-this-world structures should be expected on Mars...and possibly a man-made beach too.