Sexist Arabic Mother's Day cake rinsed on Twitter for being sexist

Sexist Arabic Mother's Day cake rinsed on Twitter for being sexist
An image shared on social media of a cake with detergents and gloves for Mother's Day caused outrage among Arabic Twitter users.
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22 Mar, 2018
Social media users reacted in anger over a sexist Mother's Day cake [Twitter]

As the Arab world celebrated Mother’s Day on Wednesday, social media users were surprised to find that someone thought a cake with cut-outs of detergents and gloves is the best way to express love and appreciation.

Twitter user Rawane Nasser shared a photo with the caption: "Screw the person who made this cake and this way of thinking."

The picture quickly made the rounds on social media, prompting outrage across the Arab world.

Some had no words.

Many were quick to call out the sexist undertones to the thought.

Translation: What a low opinion held for his mother - see the importance he sets on her work?

Translation: I can't believe some think this way!

Translation: What a stupid idea

Some Arab mothers weren't having it

Twitter users also called out a bakery in Ghazieh, Lebanon with a sense of humour that also fell flat.

The cake, similarly decorated with various cleaning products and a washing machine, had comments like "where does all this laundry come from?" and "take your shoes off outside, I just wiped the floor".

This is not the first time a sexist Mother's Day gift goes viral in the Arab World. In 2015, a recruitment agency sent out a racist message encouraging people to "indulge" their mothers by gifting them a housekeeper for Mother's Day.