'A self-inflicted disaster for the US': Twitter reacts to Trump's Iran move

'A self-inflicted disaster for the US': Twitter reacts to Trump's Iran move
Blog: Social media users shared grave warnings over Trump's departure from the Iran deal.
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09 May, 2018
Twitter users have shared their thoughts on Trump's Iran decision [Getty]
US President Donald Trump's decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal and revive sanctions against Tehran has been largely met with despair from world leaders.

On Twitter, its users across the globe shared their views on the withdrawal, with criticism of the US leader and his supporters, comparisons with the sanctions imposed on Iraq under Saddam Hussein, the possibility of a new war or a nuclear-armed Iran, and how the pullout discredits any future pact America wants to make with North Korea.

Here is a selection of Twitter reactions to Trump's biggest foreign policy move yet:

Firstly, let's call a spade a spade:
The four horsemen of the apocalypse?
Trump claimed he wanted a deal that benefited the Iranian people, but sanctions have not proved successful in achieving that in the past:
In fact, they led to war: 
And Iranians haven't forgotten the travel ban which has torn families apart:
The Iran deal is in tatters, but the Trump-Netanyahu bromance remains intact:
It risks discrediting a potential deal with North Korea:
Or an even more dangerous prospect:
And finally, "Extremists in the US are killing moderates in Iran":

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