Photoblog: Syria's Idlib rallies behind the residents of besieged Eastern Ghouta

Photoblog: Syria's Idlib rallies behind the residents of besieged Eastern Ghouta
Exclusive pictures of Idlib residents holding demonstrations in support of Syrians in Eastern Ghouta, by Aaref Watad.
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23 Feb, 2018
Demonstrations in support of Eastern Ghouta have been held across Idlib [Aaref Watad]
Syrians in the opposition province of Idlib held rallies in support for Eastern Ghouta on Friday, which has been pummeled by six consequiative days of heavy airstrikes and shelling.

In the town of Dana, children took to the streets to show solidarity with follow Syrians in the besieged Damascus suburb.

More than 400 civlians have died in the latest wave of Syrian regime and allied airstrikes on the opposition enclave, which began on Sunday.

Hundreds more injured in the blasts are being treated in makeshift medical centres, after six hospitals were put out of action following the relentless bombing of Ghouta's towns and villages.

Idlib has also been a frequent target of Russian and Syrian regime bombers since it was overrun by rebels in 2015.

Frequent demonstrations were held in opposition areas across Syria, until regime shelling, snipers and barrel bombing made it too risky for large-scale gatherings to continue.

Syrian photographer Aaref Watad sent us these pictures.

Banner (left): 'It is forbidden for a Muslim to take another Muslim's life, property or ruin their reputation' [Aaref Watad]
Protests have been held in Idlib in support of Eastern Ghouta [Aaref Watad]
Banner: 'Eastern Ghouta is shouting, is there anyone to answer?'
The demonstration was held in the Idlib town of Dana [Aaref Watad]
Banner: 'Don't be sad about those who have let you down, God is with you' [Aaref Watad]
Banner (left): 'Ghouta is being killed at the hand of enemies and we are being killed at the hands of our friends' [Aaref Watad]