Photoblog: Syrians stand in solidarity with Douma

Photoblog: Syrians stand in solidarity with Douma
In pictures: Aaref Watad captures a solidarity stand in Aleppo’s western countryside for the people of Douma after a suspected chemical attack by regime forces killed at least 40 civilians.
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09 Apr, 2018
Dozens gathered in a school and camp to protest against the Syrian regimes Douma attack
Syrian photographer Aaref Watad has captured a show of solidarity in the western countryside of Aleppo as dozens gathered in a school and camp to protest against the Syrian regime's brutal crimes in Eastern Ghouta following a suspected chemical attack.

On Saturday, at least 40 civilians were reported killed following an alleged poison gas attack on the last remaining foothold for the Syrian opposition in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, Douma. Families were found suffocated in their homes and shelters with hundreds of others suffering breathing difficulties, opposition activists and local rescuers said.

Graphic images and videos emerged on social media showing semi-lifeless children struggling to breathe, and an international outcry has followed with US President Donald Trump warning of repercussions against "Animal Assad".

Near Aleppo, men, women and children carried placards protesting the lack of action against the regime and its allies.

Either leave your home or suffocate to death #sarin #Douma

A million dead - the sum of Assad's crimes. And still, the world is ok with it.

Douma is suffocating, and the world at large is Assad's partner

Stop the crimes of Assad, Russia and Iran

Where's the Security Council? Where are the human rights associations? Where is the whole world? You don't see the crime against the people of Syria #DoumaSuffocating

Dear world leaders - has your conscience not woken yet?

If the images of our children fail to move your consciences, our cries will not benefit.

Douma is suffocating

Aaref Watad is a journalist and photographer from northern Syria. Follow him on Twitter @aboshamariha