Photoblog: Pictures of extermination in Eastern Ghouta

Photoblog: Pictures of extermination in Eastern Ghouta
Exclusive: Syrian photographer Qusay Noor has captured the wholesale slaughter in Eastern Ghouta, where days of airstrikes have killed hundreds of civilians [Warning: Contains graphic images].
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21 Feb, 2018
Firefighters and rescue teams have been overwhelmed by the bloodshed [Qusay Noor]
Over the past four days, Syria's Eastern Ghouta has witnessed some of the most horrific bombing during the country's seven-year war, with relentless air raids pounding the besieged opposition territories daily.

Hundreds of artillery shells and borrel bombs rained down on Douma and others towns in the Damascus countryside over the past days, as terrified civilians anticipate a military assault on Eastern Ghouta.

Close to 300 civilians have died in the carnage since the regime and Russia began their latest onslaught on Eastern Ghouta on Sunday, which has been besieged and bombed for years.

At least 67 children have died in the bloodshed as barrel bombs blast through homes and streets in the Damascus countryside.

UNICEF have said it has "no words" to describe the devastation, while others have said the situation resembles "hell on earth".

Medical teams are struggling to cope with mass casualties from the continued bombardment, with doctors also hindered by a lack of supplies due to the years' long regime siege.

At least six medical facilities have been destroyed or put out of action due to the assault.

Civilians have lost homes and loved ones in the recent regime onslaught [Qusay Noor]

Rescue teams are struggling to cope with the slaughter [Qusay Noor]

Nearly 300 civilians have died and thousands injured in the past four days of bombing [Qusay Noor]

Medical staff are lacking the supplies to deal with the crisis [Qusay Noor]

Children have been particular victims in the Syrian and Russian bombardments [Qusay Noor]

At least 67 children have died and hundreds injured [Qusay Noor]

The bombing has flattened apartments and shops [Qusay Noor]