In two weeks, I saw cases of severe burns, exposed bones and gunshot wounds to the head. The humanitarian conditions are unimaginable, writes Abdo Algendy.
New efforts to hold delayed elections offer a glimmer of hope to end Libya's deep political crisis. But the Libyan people remain sceptical, writes Ferhat Polat.
Met police officers suing for trauma over the Grenfell fire is a slap in the face to those who are still fighting for justice, writes Shareefa Energy.
As Tunisia marks Independence Day, President Saied exploits Israel's war on Gaza to divert from political repression and economic crisis, writes Tharwa Boulifi.
For centuries, the West depicted Islam as violent to justify its violence against Muslims & Arabs. Now, Israel uses this rhetoric in Gaza, writes Robert Clines.
Loaning the renowned Cyrus Cylinder to Israel amid its war and destruction of Palestinian history in Gaza betrays the artefact's origins, writes Jeiran Jahani.
The movement mobilised millions and inspired hope for political change, writes Abdelkader Cheref. Facing severe state repression, what's left of Hirak's spirit?
Germany's support for Israel's war on Gaza proves its culture of guilt and repentance is performative and selective, write Rachael Shapiro & Rachel Levine.
The movement's success in Michigan and beyond warns that Biden's support for Israel's war on Gaza could cost Democrats the US election, writes Irfan Kovankaya.
United in their anti-Muslim agendas, pro-Israel and Hindutva groups are rallying behind Trump and could pave his way to the White House, writes Arun Kundnani.