UK parties' homogenous stance in support of Israel's war on Gaza shows they care more about power than representing the people, writes Omar Shabana.
Kristina Tayar reflects on the emotional toll that chronic corruption and poverty take on the Lebanese people, but warns against succumbing to helplessness.
Ignoring vicious repression of Palestine solidarity, Germany's anti-racism protests against the far-right AfD party are fooling no one, writes Timo Al-Farooq.
Palestinian women deserve safe, healthy and dignified pregnancies. As UK midwives, we must speak up for birthing people everywhere, writes Fatimah Mohamied.
Dubbed a mini-Macron, France's young new prime minister made a name for himself appeasing the far-right and peddling Islamophobia, writes Yasser Louati.
For decades, the US has refused to move past its misguided policies and unwavering support for Israel, with no regard for the human cost, writes Kevin Schwartz.
In northern Syria, where the aftershocks of the earthquake compound the devastation of war, humanitarian interventions are a lifeline, writes Imran Ahmed.
For the US to achieve its objectives in the Red Sea, it must recognise that Israel's war on Gaza does, in fact, play a role, writes Magnus Fitz.
The Ram temple's triumphant inauguration represents a dangerous victory for India's far-right Hindu nationalist project, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.
Fighting for Palestine in Australia means resisting genocide in Gaza and here, because one settler-colonial state will always support another, write Hirak.