Palestinians demand the return of their families' corpses

Palestinians demand the return of their families' corpses
Blog: A new social media campaign has been launched in occupied Palestine, demanding the return of bodies of those killed by the Israeli army.
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24 Nov, 2015
The names of those whose bodies are being kept by Israel [alAraby]
This weekend, Palestinian youths launched a campaign to demand the return of the bodies of those killed by Israel.  

Most Palestinian corpses believed to be in Israel's possession are thought to have belonged to those killed by Israeli security forces in recent clashes between the army and Palestinian youths, which some have been dubbed a "third intifada".

"A group of young people, activists and journalists decided to launch the campaign through media and social networking sites," organiser Nasser told al-Araby al-Jadeed's Arabic service.  

He added that the aim of the campaign was "to send a message to the families of the martyrs who are waiting for the bodies of their children; that the Palestinian street is on their side, and will support them to realise their demands".

Activists and human rights groups reported that around 30 bodies of Palestinians are currently thought to be in Israel’s possession.

The names and faces of those were shared under the Arabic language hashtag "return the bodies of the martyrs".  


The holding of the bodies of killed Palestinians has long been a practice by Israel; they are sometimes used as a bargaining chip for the release of Israeli corpses in Palestinian possession.

Earlier this month the Council of Palestinian Human Rights accused Israel of deliberately withholding bodies of Palestinians in order to conceal exactly how they died.

A group of volunteers are set to protest in the city of Ramallah tomorrow (Wednesday) in order to support the families of those killed.

Some Palestinians have, without solid evidence, accused Israel of "harvesting" the organs of dead Palestinians - charges that Israel said are repetitions of centuries-old anti-Semitic "blood libel" lies.