Palestinian woman detained by Israel over poem

Palestinian woman detained by Israel over poem
Blog: Israel continues to detain a Palestinian woman for publishing literary material on social media.
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08 Dec, 2015
Dareen Tator wrote poems about her life as well as the occupation [Facebook]
Dareen Tator, a Palestinian woman who shared her poems on social media, was arrested by Israeli forces on Sunday.

The 32-year-old was detained on charges of publishing material, including poetry, on Facebook, said The Palestinian Prisoners' Association.

But Israeli police said she had been arrested due to her alleged role in clashes in Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Tator's father told the 48Arab newsite that Israeli police raided the house in the early hours of 10 October.

He said her arrest was "due to writings she disseminated through social networking sites" and not due to any attendance of demonstrations.

                             Tator is also a keen photographer [flickr]
According to the Palestinian Prisoners' statement, Tator is one of four young women currently being detained by Israel for material shared online. 

Inspired writing

Tator's work is inspired by events unfolding in the region.

She was particulary affected by the shooting of Isra Abed from Nazareth. 

The event was captured in what many described as an "execution-style" video, showing Israeli soldiers shooting her as she raised her hands.

According to the Israeli police statement, Tator posted a photo of Isra, writing: "I will be the next martyr."

Isra had also shared her poems and writings on social media, including videos on YouTube - on which she could be seen reading her poem "Rise Up My people, Rise Up".

One of the multiple writings she posted online told of a trip she took to Dheishah refugee camp, outside Bethlehem near the end of September:

It was my fate to be in Bethlehem

- the East in particular
To walk in streets I do not know
And ask the walls
For the story
On the billboard, I consult the picture
That exposes the secret
And the ghosts of hidden houses
I was restless

For two days, and no more
Children pulled me in all directions
This name…this quarter
The voice and melody
And the half demolished house
The punctured roof and firewood
Alight ink in my body…