Oscar-nominated Syrian film screened in rebel-held Idlib

Oscar-nominated Syrian film screened in rebel-held Idlib
Last Men in Aleppo, an Oscar-nominated documentary, screened at the campus of Idlib university.
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The film features The White Helmets (Getty)
An Oscar-nominated Syrian documentary following rescuers under regime bombardment in Aleppo was screened on Monday for dozens of spectators in the rebel-held city of Idlib.

Last Men in Aleppo, by Syrian director Firas Fayyad and the rebels' Aleppo Media Centre shows the work of the feted White Helmet volunteer rescuers during the brutal government seige.

Government forces are now conducting a Russian-backed offensive to regain territory in Idlib province, the last province to remain fully outside the regime's control.

Spectators on the campus of Idlib University laughed, cried and sat in stunned silence as they watched scenes of carnage and loss in the documentary.

"It stirred memories of the last difficult days in Aleppo and the many people who died before our eyes," said Mohamad al-Shaghel, who fled the city.

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Video: Watch the trailer for Last Men in Aleppo here
(Arabic with English subtitles)

The December 2016 defeat of the rebels in Aleppo after a ferocious onslaught proved a major turning point in the war, as leader Bashar al-Assad and his Russian backers seized the upper hand.

"What the heroes of this film lived through is what all Syrians have lived through," said Alaa al-Abdallah, the director of the university's media institute.

The film, which has already won a grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival, is nominated for best documentary at this years Oscars.

Last year, another film about the White Helmet civilian rescuers won an Oscar for best short documentary.