Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence. Twitter reacts

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence. Twitter reacts
Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning saw her 35-year prison sentence massively reduced by President Obama sparking fierce debate on social media between supporters and detractors.
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18 Jan, 2017
Manning has split opinions in the US and elsewhere [Getty]
Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning looks set to be released from jail in May after President Barack Obama's eleventh hour lemency saw her sentence dramatically reduced.

Manning has becoming a hugely divisive personality in the US, after she was arrested and jailed in 2010 for passing on sensitive military files to Wikileaks while serving in the military.

It follows campaigns for her freedom, particularly given fears over her safety and well-being in prison.

For some, Manning is a brave seeker of truth who sacrificed her future to see war crimes come to light.

Others saw her leak of confidential military files as highly irresponsible, putting the lives of Afghans working against the Taliban at risk with some of their names going public.
While many believe the pardon for someone found guilty of espionage should not be made at this critical juncture when intelligence agencies have stated Russia is attempting to undermine the US democratic process.

Overall there was strong symapthy for her but less so for the Wikileaks organisation. Many pointed out that the group's founder Julian Assange had pledged to accept extradition to the US if Manning was given clemency.