Mubarak's acquittal is a chance to reset the revolution

Mubarak's acquittal is a chance to reset the revolution
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02 Dec, 2014
The Egyptian regime was prepared for protests after the old dictator walked free. But true revolutionaries can use this setback to revive their original demands.
Hundreds expressed their anger at Mubarak's acquittal [Anadolu]
Hosni Mubarak's acquittal did not surprise many who have been watched the conspiracy against Egypt's revolution. But the not-guilty verdict against the old dictator and his associates have reignited Egyptian anger against tyranny.

The government was prepared for that anger, and deployed security forces in the face of protests. It was aware of the danger posed by another awakening and a return to the slogans of January 2011. For the first time in three years, the area around Tahrir Square rumbled with the chant: "The people demand the fall of the regime."
Anger is what the government of Egypt has been expecting and preparing for.

Egypt's current regime under Abdel Fatah el-Sisi is no different from Mubarak's. In fact, it is the same regime continued.

This is evident in the return of Mubarak associates and the continuity of his state institutions which employ his methods and even his mentality in governance.

The current regime is following in Mubarak's footsteps by oppressing the Egyptian people and impoverishing them. It also oppresses the Egyptian people morally with the flagrant acquittals in the trial of the century.

Regime versus revolution

The regime fears the return of the January revolution and its champions, the protesters. It is afraid of their demands and their ideas. The January revolution is the ghost that haunts the Sisi-Mubarak regime. The regime has tried to eliminate it, even to deny its existence. However, Mubarak's acquittal has brought it back to life.

     Those who accept the ruler's order are lauded as patriots. Those who reject it are terrorists.

The return of protesters to Tahrir Square, even for a few hours, could revive the spirit and original purpose of the January revolution: It is not about terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, liberals, foreign agents or conspirators. It is about the people and a ruler who wants to enslave them.

Those who accept the ruler's order are lauded as patriots. Those who reject it are terrorists, Brotherhood members, foreign agents or conspirators.

Let Mubarak's acquittal be a chance for all parties to review, rethink and renew. The revolutionaries and advocates of the January revolution should take up their responsibility to adopt popular demands and consensus politics, and not use these demands to further an elitist agenda.

Everyone should prioritise national goals and slogans. Only then will the real face of the regime be revealed, and the people's original demands met: freedom, justice, bread and dignity.

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