Muslim Ms Marvel poised to star as first Muslim Avenger in new movie

Muslim Ms Marvel poised to star as first Muslim Avenger in new movie

Marvel fans will be treated to a very special new creation, as the franchise's first Muslim superhero is unveiled.
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16 May, 2018
Ms Marvel is the first Muslim superhero in the Marvel Universe [Marvel]
Muslim Marvel fans are gearing up for the appearance of the franchise's first Muslim woman superhero, after Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed plans for the new character earlier this week.

Ms Marvel - also known as Kamala Khan - is expected to burst into the Marvel Universe in the foreseeable future, the president revealed in a BBC interview.

"Ms Marvel… the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely sort of in the works," the chief confirmed.

No further details were provided, but Fege said that the Muslim superhero will be introduced after the upcoming 2019 female-led film, Captain Marvel.

Ms Marvel - whose red and blue costume is made from her mother's burkini - is born to Pakistani immigrant parents and balances her life as a hero with school and her Muslim faith.

But Muslim characters are not new to the world superheroes.

Marvel's competitor DC Comics has already introduced Simon Baz - also known as Green Lantern - who is of Lebanese heritage, just like his co-creator Geoff John.