Manchester: Katie Hopkins condemned for Muslim 'Final Solution' tweet

Manchester: Katie Hopkins condemned for Muslim 'Final Solution' tweet
Outraged social media users have called for action to be taken after British columnist, Katie Hopkins demanded a 'final solution' to Muslims after the Manchester attack.
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23 May, 2017
Katie Hopkins is known for her outlandish, far-right views [AFP]

British columnist Katie Hokpins caused controversy on Tuesday, after calling for a "final solution" to Muslims, in response to the deadly Manchester suicide bombing that killed at least 22 people.

In a tweet directed toward British television host, Peter Schofield, the controversial Mail Online columnist and LBC radio host, who is known for her outlandish far-right views said "Don't you even dare. Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution."

The tweet refers to a Nazi phrase used for the Jewish Holocaust, and was swiftly deleted on Tuesday morning before being reposted with a re-worded message saying “we need a true solution".

Social media users quickly condemned the "despicable" tweet and reported Hopkins to the Metropolitan Police, for what they said was a clear call for "ethnic cleansing" of Muslims.

Others, including journalist Owen Jones, threatened to boycott LBC until action is taken against the host. 

At least 22 people died in a suspected suicide bombing at a pop concert in the northern British city of Manchester late on Monday, in what is described as the deadliest attack in the country since 2005.

Police confirmed children were among those killed and said dozens more were injured. The local ambulance service said on Twitter it had taken 59 casualties from the incident and treated "a number of walking wounded on scene".

Authorities are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident," but no one has so far claimed it.

Police said they are now investigating whether it was a lone wolf-style attack or whether there are accomplices.

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned it as "an appalling terrorist attack".