Lana Del Rey slammed for justifying Israel concert with 'peaceful energy' defence

Lana Del Rey slammed for justifying Israel concert with 'peaceful energy' defence
Singer Lana Del Rey has defended her upcoming concert in Tel Aviv, saying her music will bring about peace by flooding the region with positive energetic vibrations.
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20 Aug, 2018
Lana Del Rey has come under fire for scheduling a concert in Israel [Getty]
American singer Lana Del Rey caused outrage after she defended her decision to hold a concert in Israel by saying she is going to perform "with a loving energy with a thematic emphasis on peace".

The singer, who also said her upcoming show will help solve the decades-long conflict by "shifting the energetic vibration" has been under pressure by the peaceful and nonviolent Boycott Sanctions Divestment (BDS) movement and by Palestinians and Palestine supporters across the world to not normalise the brutal Israeli occupation by playing at the three-day Meteor Festival in September.

"I understand your concern I really get [sic] do," Del Rey said in the statement which caused even more backlash.

"What I can tell you is I believe music is universal and should be used to bring us together."

While she said her act is apolitical and is no different to performing in California while not agreeing with the current government led by US President Donald Trump, Palestinians begged to differ.

The BDS movement is one that was started by Palestinians themselves to encourage the international community to stop normalising the brutal Israeli occupation, where the balance of power is so skewed towards Israel.

For Palestinians, there are few avenues to raise awareness of their cause and for them as victims of Israel to ask for support to bring light to Israel's crimes using a nonviolent mechanism, which has still been branded as terrorism by the Tel Aviv government.

To compare playing in Israel to playing in Trump's America is one that ultimately erases the demands of Palestinians who want solidarity in this specific way.

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