A Kuwaiti man tried 'selling' his wife to his friend for $650

A Kuwaiti man tried 'selling' his wife to his friend for $650
In a shocking case reported to Kuwaiti authorities, a man appears to have tried selling his wife to his friend for 200 KD
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14 Nov, 2017
Authorities have arrested the husband and his friend [Getty file image]

In a shocking case in Kuwait, a woman reported earlier last week that her husband tried to sell her to his friend for 200 Kuwaiti Dinars ($650).

The wife reported her husband to the police, claiming she was being forced into unethical acts in exchange for money.

In her statement to the police, she alleged that she had received a phone call from her husband, asking her to come back to "discuss things".

Thinking he wanted to work through their marital problems, she returned home, only to find her husband's friend waiting for her. She then discovered that her husband’s friend was waiting to have sex with her in exchange for money he had paid her husband.

Authorities have arrested both the husband and his friend, and they have been referred to prosecution.

Social media users reacted in anger to the news

In Kuwait, a man tried to push wife to have sex with his friend for 200 dinars. Till now they don’t understand that women are not their property.

A man strips himself of all morals and sells his wife to his friend

Sexual violence in the Arab world is not new, some 99.3% of Egyptian women report having been sexually harassed at some point, and until recently, rapists in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia could get away with their crime if they married their victims.