Karaoke, the craze sweeping the 'Islamic State'

Karaoke, the craze sweeping the 'Islamic State'
Blog: Twitter feed juxtaposes angry men with microphones and cheesy pop song lyrics in what could be internet trolling at its finest.
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25 Aug, 2015
Altogether now: "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..."
Have you ever wondered what passes for fun inside the so-called Islamic State? One Twitter user has an idea, and it's not powersliding tanks around the streets of Raqqa. No, it's karaoke.

In what might be the perfect trolling of the IS group and its sympathisers, ISIS Karaoke has juxtaposed pictures of angry men with microphones (which seems to be a common sight) with the cheesy lyrics from the best of western pop tunes.

The results are hilarious.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the IS group, is one of the first targets, singing Madonna's Like a Prayer.

Anjem Choudary, currently facing terrorism charges in the UK, apparently likes to party with the Vengaboys.

Abu Hamza, the firebrand preacher kicked out of the UK for his controversial sermons, channels his Bonnie Tyler treatment.

And Madonna strikes again, with a group of IS recruits "vogueing" to her lyrics.

Of course, ISIS Karaoke is not the only Twitter feed to ridicule the IS. Another, Baghdadi al-Rolexi - a reference to the bling on display during the real Baghdadi's maiden speech in Mosul - has him chomping on burgers and getting mad as the strains of the day take their toll.

In one post, Rolexi curses the Swedish furniture shop Ikea for its "Murtad" chair - the Arabic name for a Muslim who has rejected Islam.

And in another, he lists his top 10 annoyances.

Perhaps Twitter trolls should also be up there.