Jordanians unite in mourning and anger

Jordanians unite in mourning and anger
Social media: Moaz al-Kassasbeh's death at the hands of the IS group led to calls for vengeance and statements of sympathy for the pilot's family.
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04 Feb, 2015

The night of 3 February will live long in the memories of many Jordanians. The brutal murder of pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh by the Islamic State group, and the video that was produced will not be forgotten or forgiven in a hurry.

Jordanians have taken to the streets to demand justice. They have lit candles in his memory. They spilt tears and voiced fears. They were angry and disappointed. They had urged their government to do everything possible to secure Kassasbeh's release.

There had been criticism of Jordan's involvement in the US-led war against the IS. But if anything, the murder of the 26-year-old pilot has galavanised a population behind Jordan's participation. Jordanians now want revenge. Revenge means fighting IS. All of this - the sadness, disgust and anger - was reflected on social media where Jordanians have vented and mourned.


Translation: "...whoever says that this is not our war, this is now our war, and it’s a war for every family, every father who loves his child, and every mother who fears for offspring".

A picture speaks for a thousand words... this from a well known Jordanian cartoonist:

Many on social media cautioned others not the share the video of the pilot's horrific death, or gruesome screenshots from his final moments. Out of respect for his family. Out of respect for his memory. Older photos of Kassasbeh were instead shared as people remembered him for who he was, not the way he was murdered.

Caption: Have a beautiful memory of him


But overall, most Jordanians simply declared themselves devastated at the loss of a young compatriot in such cruel conditions.

In all this anger and grief, some still tried to strike a positive, if sombre, note.