'Her timelessness lives on': Arab world mourns death of Egyptian star Shadia

'Her timelessness lives on': Arab world mourns death of Egyptian star Shadia
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29 Nov, 2017
The Arab world grieves the loss of an icon and fans are adamant that Shadia's legacy will live on through the generations...
The Arab world is mourning the loss of Shadia [Creative Commons]
The Arab world woke up to the news that legendary Egyptian film star Shadia had passed away at the age of 86 in the final hours of Tuesday.

Born Fatimah Shaker, but known throughout her career by her stage name Shadia, she was an actress, singer and a beauty icon known for her elegance, timelessness and sheer talent.

Shadia suffered a stroke this month leading to her health deteriorating and falling into a coma before her death. 

Shadia began her career in 1947 and was in 177 movies up until her retirement in 1984. She also featured in various radio shows and starred in the famous play Rayya Wa Skeena.

During the production of the play, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and left for the United States for surgery.

Her acting roles ranged from characters portraying country girls to career women, to satirical portrayals of emotionally disturbed women and hopeless romantics.

Even after her shock retirement, which was initially thought to be because of pressure from religious clerics, she continued to feature in TV screens as an everlasting stamp mark of Arab of talent in the Arab world.

Raya W Skeena is a play that has been handed down from the generations, based on a true story of two serial killer sisters in Alexandria. 

Young Arabs in the diaspora remember her as a connection to home. More often than not, Arab parents abroad familiarised their children with their Arab culture using popular culture from past eras.

Photos of her were shared with other stars of her time. This is a picture of her with Abdulhalim al-Hafiz.

Throughout her life, Shadia was known for her beauty along with her talent. Even today, she is seen as an Arab beauty icon.

One thing is clear, in the midst of the sadness people are not letting her legacy wither away after her death.