Haram sex confuses vagina and causes cancer, says Moroccan sheikh

Haram sex confuses vagina and causes cancer, says Moroccan sheikh
Morocco's Sheikh Abderahman Sekkach says extramarital sex can harm the health of women because their vagina's 'coding' gets confused at the sperm of a man who is not her husband.
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24 Jan, 2018
Sheikh Abderahman Sekkach said extramarital sex can harm the health of women [Youtube]

If you’re a woman and have “haram” sex, you’re more likely to get cancer according to a Moroccan cleric.

The cleric, Sheikh Abderahman Sekkach sparked outrage when he came out with his statement on local radio station Chaada FM, especially after he used pseudo-science to justify his bizarre epiphany.

Sekkach argued that when a woman has sex for the first time, her vagina "decodes" her husband’s sperm. So when she has engages in intercourse with someone who is not her husband, her vagina gets confused because it now has to decode the sperm of another man.

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This, according to Sekkach, causes cancer in the uterus. He however did not take credit for this new revelation, but said that this new fact was discovered by “Western scientists” who are proving the wisdom of extramarital sex being banned in Islam, despite him also reportedly saying that the West is falling to abyss and has no benefits to Muslims.

He also claimed that this is proof behind God’s wisdom behind the prescribed iddah period, which outlaws women from remarrying for 40 days after they have been widowed or divorced.

“What Western scientists have just found out is what the prophet Muhammad already knew over 1400 years ago. He knew that the uterus needed these 40 days for her vagina to reset its coding. How did he know if it is not the divine miracle?” he said.

The real reason behind the iddah period is so women are certain they aren’t pregnant with their former husbands before remarrying, making sure there is no confusion on who the father of the baby is.