Gazans face Israeli snipers with traditional dabke dance

Gazans face Israeli snipers with traditional dabke dance
Social media users across the globe commended the bravery and resilience of Palestinians after a video of Palestinian youth dancing dabke in front of Israeli snipers went viral.
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01 Jul, 2018
Palestinian youth refuse to give up on their homeland [Getty]
Palestinians in Gaza yet again, proved their defiance and conviction in their identity after posting a video of youth doing a traditional dabke dance at the border crossing of the besieged Gaza Strip, despie facing a barrage of Israeli snipers.

The video shows the group, led by a teenage girl, dancing to a traditional folk-song called Zarif al-Tool, which is usually enjoyed at weddings and other celebratory occasions, along a backdrop of black smoke. 

The powerful image was filmed along the Israel-Gaza border, where heavily armed Israeli snipers have been indiscriminately attacking Palestinian civilians protesting at the crossing to Israel in recent months.

Palestinians in Gaza began protests in what they named The Great Return March on March 30, to coincide with Land Day, a day to remember the right to return to lost properties in what is now named Israel.

The right to return is especially important to Gaza as two-thirds of Gaza's two million people are descendants of Palestinians who fled or were expelled from their homes during the war surrounding Israel’s establishment.

The demonstrations are designed to protest a crippling decade-long Israeli-Egyptian blockade, imposed after Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2007.

The video has been widely shared online, with social media users commending Palestinains for their bravery in the midst of danger.

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At least 145 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since protests broke out along the Gaza border on 30 March.

Earlier in the month, the UN General Assembly adopted, by a strong majority, an Arab-backed resolution condemning Israel for the killing of protesters.

The resolution condemned Israel's use of "excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force" against Palestinians and called for protection measures for civilians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.