Khalas-see: Top five reasons Game of Thrones is now a soppy Ramadan series

Khalas-see: Top five reasons Game of Thrones is now a soppy Ramadan series
Game of Thrones' final season has been panned by most critics for being rushed, over the top and full of errors - which makes it the perfect Ramadan series.
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13 May, 2019
The release of Game of Thrones' eighth season coincided with Ramadan [Helen Sloan/HBO]
Ramadan is not just a month of fasting, faith, feasting and family for Muslims. In the golden age of television, it is also a month for bingeworthy musalsalat, or series.

Although the tradition is new, not known before the 1960s, it has its roots in the storytelling traditions (Hakawatis) of medieval Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo. 

Television is now a central feature of Ramadan, as many Muslims gather around their televisions every night after breaking their fast.

A typical serial consists of 30 episodes, one for each day of the holy month. Though production values are often high for these series, many of these series tend to be rushed, soppy and badly written. Which brings us to, ahem, Game of Thrones, now (un)officially a Ramadan series. Here's why:

Reason #1: Game of Thrones is airing this year in Ramadan

Well this is an obvious one. While the first episode aired before Ramadan, the much anticipated final episode of the entire series will air well within Ramadan next week. Coincidence?

Yeah probably.

Reason #2: The writing is so bad

From glaring plot holes (spoilers), fast travel and anti-climaxes to on-set accidents (Khaleesi's starbucks coffee anyone?), you would think the writers were rushing this year's season in time for a Ramadan release. 

Perhaps they did.

Reason #3: No 'haram' scenes this year

Compared to the earlier seasons, this year's Game of Thrones has had a record low number of nude and sex scenes. It's almost as if the writers wanted to avoid offending conservative minded folk in the holy month of fasting. We said almost.

Reason #4: It kills the time like a dragon kills Khaleesi's enemies

Game of Thrones has been going on for so long that there are enough episodes to cover Ramadan twice over. Which is the function of Ramadan series: Binge on television all-day long until you forget your hunger or all-night long until your iftar is digested.

Reason #5: It has a huge Muslim fan-base

Like everyone (except like one percent) around the world, Muslims have fallen in love with the epic fantasy series. On social media, Muslim users have made the connection between the series and the fasting month this year, seeing it exactly as a treat for Ramadan. There are even memes to prove it.