Fadl Shaker is back. But is he welcome?

Fadl Shaker is back. But is he welcome?
Blog: Social media users have reacted to Fadl Shaker's interview on LBC TV where he voiced his intention to return to "normal life". Here's what they had to say
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10 Mar, 2015

He was considered the prince of romantic music before he turned into an Islamic militant.

Fadl Shaker, the former Lebanese pop star, Sunday made his first public appearance after a two year absence from the public eye. In the interview with LBC, Shaker denied taking part in clashes against the Lebanese army in June 2013. He has been accused of killing soldiers and assaulting state institutions. He denied all accusations and said he had "never held a weapon".  

His return, however, sparked rather polarized opinions from social media users. One of the trending hashtags called him "Fadl Shaker the terrorist". Some found his interview insulting to the memory of slain soldiers and criticized LBC for airing the interview.

Translation: In short: You, and anyone promoting you, and bringing you back to life like a clean sheet, has no morals

Translation: To the terrorist Fadl Shaker: You are a terrorist condemned to death. You murderer of the army and sectarian hate preacher. You belong in jail, and take those defending you and sing for them.

The negativity was very obvious and many tweeters dismissed his return and expressed their hostility towards the former pop star. Some also questioned his motives.

Translation: I don’t accept Fadl Shaker’s repentance because you can revert back from everything but murder and terrorism. Those are a one way ticket.

On the other hand, many of his fans welcomed his return. And although the former singer did not mention anything about returning to music, some are already waiting for his next album.

And of course, there was humour... One of the most popular tweets came from Abdullah:

"Fadl Shaker may have shaved his beard and might sing again, but I will not risk attending his first gig, might be a trap and he’ll blow himself up."

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