UK's ambassador to Cairo claimed tourism is up by 74 percent... Egyptians weren't having it

UK's ambassador to Cairo claimed tourism is up by 74 percent... Egyptians weren't having it
A tweet by the UK ambassador to Cairo claiming Egypt's tourism industry is 'booming' has led to shock and ridicule from Egyptians having to cope with the country's dire economy.
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20 Nov, 2017
The UK has a flight ban to popular destination Sharm el-Sheikh [Getty]

The UK ambassador to Cairo decided on Sunday to tweet about Egypt's "booming" tourism industry, thanks to British holidaymakers.

"British tourism in Egypt is up by 74 percent, and there is still much to be done to increase that number and let a greater number of tourists enjoy the wonderful treasures of Upper Egypt," John Casson tweeted.

Big mistake, as Egyptian twitter users said they weren't quite sure about the statistics given the huge slump in the country and other logistical factors.

Egyptians pointed out that many countries - including the UK - still have flight bans and travel warnings in place for the country's most popular tourist destination - Sharm el-Sheikh.

The UK government grounded flights to the sunny Sinai resort following the crash of a Russian charter jet - allegedly by an Islamic State group bomb - in 2015. 

Egyptians flexed their well-known humour on Twitter about Casson's claims.

"That figure has to include the British weaponry entering Egypt for tourism"

"So why is there a travel warning in place?"

"Wait have you changed your mind and think Egypt is safe now?"

Some questioned whose interests he had at heart.

"You poison your tourists when you encourage them to come Egypt knowing its reality – all what they eat is watered with sewage."

Others dragged up history.

"You best not be eyeing the treasures – the stolen treasures you already have are plenty. When are you planning on returning them ambassador?"

"Let the Egyptians enjoy their treasures first!"