A pro-Sisi Egyptian TV host is angry at women 'for giving birth'

A pro-Sisi Egyptian TV host is angry at women 'for giving birth'
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24 Jun, 2017
Amr Adeeb, a journalist known for his war apologism and undying loyalty to the Sisi regime, has sparked controversy for telling women off for giving birth.
Amr Adeeb is known for his controversial comments and his frequent misogyny [Youtube]
With the new Egyptian census soon to be released, Egyptian media outlets are scrambling for a story as they await a shocking rise in birth rates.

Census workers reportedly found more than 20 million babies have been born in Egypt over the past decade - a supposition that has fuelled much discussion, though a debate held with more respect in some corners than in others.

Amr Adeeb, a TV personality known for his war apologism, and undying loyalty to the Sisi regime, took to his TV show to lambast women for, well, giving birth.

"Four children born every minute, that's one every 15 seconds," he cried at the camera. Amr looked at his watch and shouted "here, another one was just born".

He was quick to blame women for the lack of contraceptives available for them. He also brushed past cultural norms, which pressure women to continue to conceive until they have a boy. He also ignored the fact that, in rural areas, birth rates are often high because children are seen as a financial asset, a notion fuelled by the Egyptian government's inability to tackle poverty.

"I am forced to say this because no one else is, but why are women always giving birth? Why are they not taking contraceptives?"

In doesn't matter to Adeeb that family planning is getting harder with contraceptives now increasingly scarce, and an inadequate infrastructure to facilitate family planning. Societal pressures, which force young men and women to succumb to marriage and have children - were also ignored.

While continuing his attack on women for their ability to get pregnant, Adeeb also neglected to mention that only 34 percent of girls and women aged 15-24 even know what a condom is.

Blaming women, especially in a society in which 99 percent of women have been sexually assaulted, and 87 percent of girls and women aged 15-49 have undergone FGM, may be illogical - but it should not be a surprise.

Amr Adeeb's misogyny runs deep and springs from a greater prejudice that robs women of their right to consent and contest sexual advances - then blames them for an inability to access family planning.

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