Egyptian footballer's business seized amid Brotherhood claims

Egyptian footballer's business seized amid Brotherhood claims
Blog: Egypt international Mohammad Aboutrika has assets seized after being accused of supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement.
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08 May, 2015
Aboutrika is hugely popular popular with Egptian football fans [AFP]

Egyptian authorities have confiscated the assets of Egyptian footballer Mohammad Aboutrika, and accused him of funding the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement.

On Thursday, authorities seized shares and documents of Aboutrika's Tours Travel Company, which was founded a during the presidency of Mohamed Morsi.

The footballer dismissed the authorities' claims, in defiant messages on his Twitter page.

Aboutrika, a four-time winner of the best player in Africa award, has stated his support for Morsi in the past.

Many Egyptians have rallied behind the footballer, using hashtags such as #Aboutrika_Isn't_A_Criminal.

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef posted a video of Aboutrika's top 30 goals in a show of solidarity.

"May God make you happy like you've made us happy."

Ahmad Samir, a popular Egyptian journalist, backed the singer in a Twitter message that attacked Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

"Even if Sisi is lucky enough to be in office for 20 years and he makes the new capital, expands the Suez Canal and makes a new river Nile, Aboutrika will still be more important than him and people will still love him more."

Singer and actor Mohammed Attia also posted his support on Twitter.

"Is there anything worse than what's happening to Aboutrika? The man undeniably wrote Egyptian sporting history. We are living through one of the worst dictatorships in modern history."

Aboutrika is hugely popular with al-Ahly supporters, the airo team the forward played for, and with Egyptians for his charity work.

His support for Islamism and redistribution of wealth have also made his a controversial figure in Egypt.