Egyptian actress 'kidnapped' by 'Islamic State' pranksters

Egyptian actress 'kidnapped' by 'Islamic State' pranksters
Actress Hiba Magdi was left trembling and in tears after getting caught in a horrifying television prank.
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11 Jun, 2016
The 'Mini Daesh' series' twisted take on the TV prank [al-Nahar TV/ YouTube screenshot]
An Egyptian actress was given the scare of her life when pranksters dressed as members of the Islamic State group 'kidnapped' her and threatened the terrified performer with a fake suicide belt.

The video, which is part of Egyptian broadcaster al-Nahar TV's 'Mini Daesh' comedy series, was aired this week and featured actress Hiba Magdi, who was left streaming with tears by the end of the ordeal which lasted almost half an hour.

Hiba Magdi
Magdi is heard crying and sobbing throughout much of the 22 minute TV prank [al-Nahar TV/YouTube screenshot]

Magdi is seen pleading with her 'captors', who brandish what appear to be guns and even a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

At one point, a black and white flag resembling that of the IS group is held behind the actress, with the pranksters asking her to look into the camera for an IS-style hostage video.

The sick joke reaches its climax with the mickey mouse-militants attempting to force a fake suicide belt on the actress, who then makes a fearful dash across the room.

Mini Daesh
The militants force a mock suicide belt on the terrified acress as she attempts to escape [al-Nahar TV/ YouTube screenshot]

The terrorists are finally distracted as the light of police sirens is seen at the rooms windows, leading to a mock gunfight between the fighters and the non-visible policemen.

One fighter then points what resembles a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at the door in preparation to fire, however the scene is then brought to an end when actors dressed as flack-jacketed police storm into the room.

Surprised by their sudden arrival, Magdi leaps in fear back over to the sofa she had been curled up on just a while earlier.

The team then explain to the actress - who is still trembling in fear - that it was all just a joke.

Mini Daesh
Sele-fie extremists: The 'terrorists' whip out their selfie stick camera to film Magdi's reaction after revealing that it was a joke [al-Nahar TV/ YouTube screenshot]

Although many may struggle to see the humour in a pretend kidnap by a hostage-beheading death cult who have already made inroads into parts of Egypt, over-the-top pranks are nothing new to Egyptian television.

Just a week earlier, another television station aired a similarly disturbing prank, which showed Egyptian actress Lucy panicking for her life on board a passenger airliner that was supposedly going to crash  after it had apparently lost an engine.