'Defiance': an outpour of solidarity with Ahd Tamimi

'Defiance': an outpour of solidarity with Ahd Tamimi
Palestinian teen Ahd al-Tamimi was hailed for her courage after confronting an Israeli soldier who shot her cousin, which ultimately led to her own arrest.
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21 Dec, 2017
Ahd Tamimi is no stranger to standing up to the Israeli occupation [Anadolu]
After Israeli army arrested Palestinian Ahd al-Tamimi on Tuesday, the world stormed social media in defence.

A video of Tamimi slapping an Israeli soldier went viral. She did this after the soldier stormed into her house and shot her fifteen year old cousin, Mohammed Tamimi.

Mohammed Tamimi was shot in the head and is currently in critical condition in intensive care at the Arab Istishari Hospital.

In the early hours of the morning, Israeli military patrols raided the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah and made their way to the Tamimi residence.

Ahd was hailed for her courage:

Ahd is no stranger to confrontation with the Israeli occupation:

People were unable to shake off the fact that Ahd is just a child under occupation: 

People were actually questioning why she even confronted the soldiers who shot her cousin to begin with:

If there was one word to sum her up, it would be this: