Cristiano Ronaldo baffles the world with Egyptian Steel endorsement

Cristiano Ronaldo baffles the world with Egyptian Steel endorsement
The world's highest paid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has bizarrely put his name to Cairo-based Egyptian Steel, revealed in an advert posted on his Twitter page earlier this week.
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24 Aug, 2017
Ronaldo has partnered with Egyptian business Ahmed Abou Hashima to promote Egyptian Steel [Twitter]
Cristiano Ronaldo has been the face of a variety of brands over the years, from underpants to Japanese "facial fitness" devices.

Now Ronaldo's enthusiasm to put his name to literally anything has landed him the role of ambassador to Egypt's metal industry.

The Real Madrid star, the world's highest paid and most famous footballer, considered one of the greatest players of all time, is now the face of Egyptian Steel.

The bizarre endorsement was made public on his Twitter page on Thursday, when he asked his predictably perplexed fans, "Have you ever related steel to eco-friendly?" before announcing his partnership with the "eco-friendly" and "most safety-oriented steel brand".

Accompanying his tweet is a slick minute-long advert for the company, in which Ronaldo (likely green screen) tours one of the "first eco steel plants in the world" wearing a white hard hat and branded green jumper. 

However today's revelation was not the first glimpse of Ronaldo's baffling involvement in the Cairo-based business.

In May, Ronaldo announced his partnership with Ahmed Abou Hashima, the CEO of Egyptian Steel, Egyptian Cement and Egyptian Media, with an advert featuring him walking (again – green screen) through the streets of Cairo smiling and waving to children before inexplicably going to a nursery and cuddling random babies.

The campaign aimed to empower the young generation of Egypt and was preceded by dozens of billboards in Cairo's streets featuring photos of Ronaldo without any explanation.

Yet even after this latest marketing effort, we are still none the wiser... Well, except for one obvious reason.

And his fans are puzzled, too: