Crisps: snacks or smacks?

Crisps: snacks or smacks?
The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency says it suspended a controversial TV ad for potato crisps to protect dignity and out of respect for religious values
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23 Jun, 2015
Egypt bans controversial TV ad [YouTube]
A controversial TV advert for potato crisps has been suspended by Egypt's Consumer Protection Agency, CPA, according to Egypt's Middle East News Agency MENA.

The ad features a teenager telling his father "You know, when I eat these Fox potato chips, I can predict the future". The father then violently slaps his son and asks "Did you predict this?"

CPA chief Atef Yaqoub told MENA that the decision to suspend the ad aimed to "protect consumers' rights to personal dignity and respect for religious values, customs and traditions".

The ad evoked different reactions on social media.

Many viewers found it funny, while others were angry, as they believed it promoted violence and domestic abuse.

"The Fox potato chips ad represent me", someone tweeted.

"The Fox potato chips ad is hilarious", another viewer tweeted.

On the other hand, some viewers found the ad offensive and insulting. "I hope they ban the Fox potato chips ad from ever airing again", someone tweeted, while another said "Please remove this stupid Fox potato chips ad and stop insulting people".