'Child killers': Kuwaiti official 'kicks out' lsraeli delegation from Russia conference

'Child killers': Kuwaiti official 'kicks out' lsraeli delegation from Russia conference
A Kuwaiti official attending an international conference in Russia was widely praised on Wednesday after criticising Israel and kicking out its representative from the hall.
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19 Oct, 2017
The Kuwaiti official described the Israeli representative as a 'child killer' [Twitter]
Israeli delegates at a conference in Russia's St Petersburg were described as "child killers" before being kicked out of a conference by the speaker of Kuwait's National Assembly on Wednesday, in a fiery speech that was widely praised among Arab social media users online.

Marzouk al-Ghanim launched the tirade during his speech at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference, stating the Israeli delegate "represents the most dangerous form of terrorism; state terrorism".

"You should take your bags and leave this hall. Leave now if you have an atom of dignity…you occupier, you child killers," he added in the midst of applause, before the Israeli official walked out.

The speech was commended by the head of the delegation of the Palestinian National Council at the IPU, Azzam Al-Ahmad, who said al-Ghanim's words echoed the thoughts of all Arab nations.

"Al-Ghanim's words in front of the delegates shine a light on the wounds Palestinians have suffered," al-Ahmad said.

But the comments also triggered praise among Arabs on social media, prompting 'Marzouk_Al-Ghanim' to trend on Twitter in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, after a video of the speech went viral.

Arab social media users, including many Palestinian activists, took to social networking sites in support of the minister "at a time of increasing normalisation" between Arab states and Israel.

"Honestly, Marzouq al-Ghanim represented Kuwait in the best way, to the point that his political rivals agreed with him"

"I swear to God, I rejoiced seeing what this brave man did to the cowardly Zionist delegation that has caused terror worldwide"

"A strong, heroic and courageous position to take"

"At a time of changing positions, Kuwait remains steadfast in its religion, Arab nationalism and justice"

"Our Arab nation remains well. I swear to God you have raised our heads o’ son of Kuwait"

"This is how ‘killer’ Israel should be treated in all international conferences"

"Let history record the moment an Israeli delegation was kicked out of an international conference in Russia"