'Burn in hell': Arab women react to Ford vs Kavanaugh hearing

'Burn in hell': Arab women react to Ford vs Kavanaugh hearing
Arab women came out on social media in support of Christine Blasey Ford during her trial in the United States.
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28 Sep, 2018
A demonstration in support for Christine Blasey Ford [Getty]

The world watched closely as the trial of a woman finally rising up for justice after suppressing her trauma in secret for decades unveiled.

Christine Blasey Ford came out and accused US Senate Judiciary Committee Brett Kavanaugh of pinning her down and assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers in the 1980s, as he and a friend allegedly laughed hysterically.

The hearing, which took place on Wednesday showed an emotional Ford who was finally able to talk about her traumatic memories and decades of humiliation, treating it as a civic duty to come forward, despite being relentlessly attacking on social media.

Kavanaugh deplored the accusations as a "grotesque and co-ordinated character assassination" against him, giving an eerie warning of "what goes around comes around."

Social media took to support Ford, not only with donations, but through various hashtags that shed light onto why women stay silent for decades about sexual assault.

#IBelieveYou and #WhyIDidntReport showed thousands of women giving their own heart-shattering testimonies against why they have not reported their own abusers.

The Arab world also watched closely at what was happening. With violence against women still being rampant in the Middle East, women stood up on social media in support of Ford and against the systematic physical, sexual, psychological and emotional violence against women.

Arab-American women rejected Kavanaugh's lies and his 'gang of predators':
Some claimed that his wife standing with him proves his innocence - but this Kuwaiti woman refused to allow the validity of the argument to persist:
Translation: Someone who brings his wife to this court hearing apparently implies that he's not a rapist or a sexual assaulter. No cow! It means there's proof that she married a filthy sexual assaulter. Better luck next time.

Women in the Arab world routinely take to online platforms to discuss  matters of women's rights and sexual assualt, demanding better treatment in countries across the region.