Burger King and KFC to open in Iran?

Burger King and KFC to open in Iran?
Blog: Unconfirmed reports from Iranian media suggest America's fast food is soon to arrive in the Islamic Republic, with mixed reactions from the country's residents.
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02 Nov, 2015
Will the Islamic republic of Iran soon get to experience the whopper? [Getty]
Burger King and KFC, the famed US fast food brands, have officially registered as companies in Iran, according to Tasnim, an Iranian news website.

Although a document bearing the Burger King logo documenting the chain's registration was circulated, its authenticity has yet to be confirmed.

Tasnim also alleged that a number of burger restaurants have recently opened in the country, however it is not clear whether these mysterious new fast-food joints belong to American corporations. 

Under commercial law in Iran, any foreign-owned company who wants to work in the Iranian market must obtain the necessary licence from the ministry of industry.

Tehran reportedly allowed Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to open a branch in the country on May 10 on condition that they used the name Iranian Halal KFC.

If resports are true, then the company's exploration of the Iranian market would pre-date the Iran-US nuclear deal that put an end to economic sanctions on the country. 

Telling whoppers?

Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran has not been allowing companies "who exported Western culture" to operate in the country.

Accordingly, Iranian social media users had mixed reactions to the news.

"Unfortunately, some people are just looking out for their personal interests and do not care about the progress and success of the country… the fact that the presence of these companies do not do any good for the country is no secret," commented one Iranian.

Many shared the news on Twitter, declaring that the US had now "officially entered Iran".

However, other Twitter users looked forward to the prospect of delicious cheeseburgers.

KFC has previously broken the boundaries of geopolitics when it was reported that bucket-loads of the brand's fried chicken were being smuggled through tunnels from branches in Egypt to the besieged people of Gaza.