Arab dreams for the future

Arab dreams for the future
A new year brings hope of a new era for the Arab world based on tolerance and democratic principals.
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05 Jan, 2015
Arab dreams of democracy, security and stability in the coming year [Getty]
We are another year older. Every New Year we express wishes of good will and hope for the future. Here is a list of Arab dreams for the upcoming year:

We hope 2015 will mark a new stage for Arab societies and a starting point for developing a viable democratic model. We dream about having countries and governments that accept and support all schools of thought, and all religious and minority groups.

We dream of modern, rational states founded on institutions and laws that guarantee the rights of their citizens and care for their interests.
     We dream of modern, rational states founded on institutions and laws that guarantee the rights of their citizens.

We hope 2015 will witness the rebirth of rational values and relations built around institutions and the rule of law, which will restore patriotic sentiments and the concept of citizenship.

We dream of justice in countries that have fallen apart, whose institutions have collapsed or whose states have failed. This will enable them to reconcile and embrace a new dawn of political and democratic governance. They should also prioritise economic development and social stability, and establish security to protect local and foreign investors.

We dream of advanced legislative institutions that communicate with local and international communities and serve as platforms for internal and external changes. They should produce ideas, initiatives, and proposals that establish a political culture imbued with democratic values focused on diversity.

We dream of good quality public services that operate free of bribery or corruption.

We dream of secure states and of security and military agencies that can build strong relations with civilians.

We dream of developing strategies to prevent the spread of the legions of death that are extending from the Atlantic ocean to the Gulf, and whose recruits embrace ideologies that remind us of the ugliest horror movies.

We dream of hard-working state institutions that serve not disappoint citizens, and support productivity.

We dream of transparent political parties that are honest and open about their objectives, and oppose narrow doctrinal, tribal, chauvinistic, and nepotistic relations.

We dream of elections where citizens can think and vote independently.

We dream of realistic policies that reflect people’s needs and are built around ideas of productivity, rather than ones that are held hostage to money and power.

We dream of citizens who love their countries and want to serve them faithfully, and to defend their interests, principles, and existence.

We dream of clean, beautiful cities with beating souls and hearts. They should be self-sufficient with basic services, especially for health, education, transport, culture, and entertainment, so that people can enjoy life.

We dream of a free and informative press, not one that attacks and insults others and claims to be correct.

We dream of TV channels that we can watch and trust - ones that make us feel comfortable, instead of sowing sedition and spreading fanaticism.

These principles and foundations will create spiritual stability and security, without coercing, terrorising, or embracing ethnic, cultural, or religious cleansing. They will prevent the loss of wisdom, the collapse of noble values, and the spread of ignorance and blind violence.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.