American Muslims defy Trump's Islamophobia with #MyMuslimVote

American Muslims defy Trump's Islamophobia with #MyMuslimVote
American Muslims are proudly flaunting their participation in the US midterm election using #MyMuslimVote.
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07 Nov, 2018
A protest against the 'Muslim ban' in New York [Getty]
Muslim voters are taking heed in bitterly divided America, which went to the polls on Tuesday for a high-stakes midterm election.

The election is seen as a referendum on the first two years of the mercurial presidency of Donald Trump, who capitalised on anti-Muslim rhetoric during his campaign in the 2016 presidential elections.

Shortly after Trump came to power, Trump imposed a travel ban on seven Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya -- sparking outrage in the US and across the world.

Early voting hit record levels and turnout appeared high across the country. Muslims were particularly enthusiastic in hitting the polls, with even a campaign being launched to emphasise the importance of the Muslim vote.

The campaign #MyMuslimVote led by the MPower Change, which describes itself as "the largest Muslim led social and racial justice organisation" raised awareness for the power of voting and encouraged Muslims to do so.

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