Algerians vow to 'invade' Tunisia after Sousse massacre

Algerians vow to 'invade' Tunisia after Sousse massacre
Blog: After the attack largely aimed at western tourists, Algerians have launched a solidarity campaign in support of the country's tourism industry, writes Karim Traboulsi.
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07 Jul, 2015
Algerians have voiced their support for Tunisians in a time of tourism collapse [AFP]
There has been a lot of solidarity with the people of Tunisia in the aftermath of the massacre in Sousse, but perhaps nothing like the kind of huge support that has poured over the border from neighbouring Algeria.

The two nations maintain close relations, and share strong cultural and historical bonds. Citizens can travel between the two countries without visas.

This kind of Algerian solidarity is not new. In May, the horrific attack on Bardo museum in Tunis, which claimed the lives of dozens of locals and tourists, did not dissuade thousands of Algerians from visiting the country in the days and weeks that followed, according to Arabic press reports.

Tunisia receives more than a million Algerian tourists each year, according to official estimates.

Now, in the wake of the latest attack, Algerians have launched a solidarity campaign with Tunisia, amid renewed concerns for the tourism industry in the country and businesses and people that depend on them.

No strangers to the kind of violence that hit their smaller neighbour and its tourist sector, thousands of Algerians called on their Tunisian brethren to resist terrorism, vowing to "invade" Tunisia in the millions and spend their holidays there after Ramadan, which ends in mid-July.

On social media, hundreds of ordinary people and journalists have condemned the attack, voicing support for Tunisia.

On the Facebook page of Tunisia's Carthage FM, one Algerian Facebooker wrote in Arabic: "As an Algerian, these cowardly acts do not intimidate me. I will not cancel my holiday in Tunisia."

Another wrote: "To spite those who hate Tunisia, we will flock to Sousse after Ramadan - your brother from Algeria."

Others further wrote in Arabic: "Don't be saddened, Tunisia, because the foreign tourists left. Algerians are coming in their millions after Ramadan."

Similar messages also circulated on Twitter, with Algerians proclaiming "I am Tunisia", "Tunisia is in my heart", and "The Algerians are coming". Tunisians launched a hashtag in Arabic to thank Algerians for their support in: #From_Tunisia_To_Algeria_Bless_You

My next vacation will be in Tunisia inshallah Love you, god bless you

Algerians have great love for Tunisia especially Sousse. After Ramadan, we will see Algerian cars flocking to Sousse. Algeria and Tunisia are the same country 

We thank our brethren in Algeria for their solidarity  #From_Tunisia_To_Algeria_Bless_You

I am Tunisia. Algeria shall always stand with Tunisia