Actress Lindsay Lohan sparks a Twitter debate

Actress Lindsay Lohan sparks a Twitter debate
Blog: Lindsay Lohan has been photographed in New York with a translated copy of Islam's holy book, the Quran, sparking social media speculations.
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15 May, 2015
Lohan is known for speaking out about 'spiritual beliefs' [AFP]
The American actress Lindsay Lohan has sparked a debate on whether she has converted to Islam after she was spotted with a Quran in New York.

Lohan was pictured on Wednesday carrying a translated copy of the book in Brooklyn. The actress was raised as a Catholic and is known for speaking about her "spiritual beliefs".

Twitter users shared the picture and questioned whether the actress was turning to Islam.

Translation: Lindsay Lohan looks like she will convert to Islam, God willing... she's holding a translated copy of the Quran.

Others took the photograph in good humour.

Translation: Anyways, envy is mentioned in the Quran, just ask Lindsay Lohan.
This is not the first time Lohan has expressed interest in Arab culture and Islam, recently commenting on an Isntagram image, "you're beautiful" but translating it to "you're a donkey" in Arabic. She later said it was an inside joke with her friend.

Earlier this year, she posted verses from the Quran on her Instagram profile, but deleted them later. These posts were also mentioned on Twitter on Thursday:

Alif laam meem is the opening verse of the Quran.
And if Lindsay Lohan is worried she won't find herself some support, Twitter puts to rest any qualms she may have: