Indonesian YouTuber offered Muslims $600 to break their Ramadan fast early... they all refused

Indonesian YouTuber offered Muslims $600 to break their Ramadan fast early... they all refused
An Indonesian YouTuber has been criticised for offering to pay money for Muslims to break their fast with a slice of pizza on Ramadan.
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30 April, 2020
The prank did not go down well [Hassanjr11]
A YouTuber in Indonesia has been criticised after he filmed himself offering Muslims £500 to break their Ramadan fast early by eating a slice of pizza.

The social media personality goes by the username hasanjr11, and shared the video to his 4.9million subscribers earlier this week.

His latest stunt comes during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

In the video, he offered the equivalent of $620 to Muslims from low-income backgrounds who are fasting.

The YouTuber is seen carrying cash in a briefcase and in the video, approached a farmer and offered him the money in exchange for eating a slice of pizza earlier than was permitted.

The farmer picks up the pizza and looks confused, before refusing to eat it.

The YouTuber then gave him an envelope containing money as a reward, and said the farmer could spend it on a meal to break his fast later in the day.

Hasan went up to a cleaner with the same offer, who rejected it immediately.

A group of children and an office worker were also offered money to eat the pizza, but they all turned it down.

Everyone who rejected it received an envelope seemingly containing money.

Hasan says is a Muslim himself, but the prank did not go down well with many people online.

"What does it mean to make people cancel their fast only because of 10 million [rupees]? Search for fame but make sin too," wrote one commenter.

Amid the controversy, hasanjr11 has taken down the video and uploaded an apology video on his Instagram account instead.

"I apologise to everyone for my inappropriate YouTube video. I admit I was 100 percent wrong and I don't want to justify myself in any way because I was wrong," he said in the apology video.

Tricky Indonesia

Indonesian is also in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic and locals have used a variety of tactics to encourage people to practice social distancing during Ramadan, a time known for communal feasts and family visits.

Activists in one Indonesian village have found a humorous way to enforce a semi-official coronavirus lockdown.

Taking advantage of widespread fears about ghosts, volunteers have deployed spirits to haunt the streets of a superstitious village on Java island, Reuters has reported.

The small army of "ghosts" have been largely successful in keeping villagers indoors, as local authorities encourage citizens to practice social distancing to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The white shrouded figures are known to pounce on unsuspecting villagers who break the nightime curfew in Kepuh.

"We wanted to be different and create a deterrent effect because 'pocong' are spooky and scary," Anjar Pancaningtyas told the news agency.

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