'Your fault' if Iran nukes Israel, Netanyahu's wife tells journalist

'Your fault' if Iran nukes Israel, Netanyahu's wife tells journalist
Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu have tried to influence the editorial policies of Israeli press in an operation that has turned into threats.
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06 September, 2019
Sara Netanyahu threatened journalists [Getty]
The publisher of an Israeli daily went to the police to complain against Israel's prime minister and his wife for repeatedly harassing her.

Miriam Adelson, the publisher of Israel's Hayom daily, told the police she was repeatedly harassed about her newspaper's coverage of the Israeli-Iranian crisis by Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu.

Adelson told Israeli Channel 12 that Sara "Once told me that if Iran gets nuclear weapons and Israel is wiped out, I'll be to blame, because I'm not defending Bibi".

Bibi is a nickname used to refer to the Israeli prime minister.

Adelson's statement was part of the police investigation into the deal Netanyahu reportedly negotiated with Yedioth Ahronoth's publisher Arnon Mozes for coverage in support of Netanyahu's policies, in exchange for Netanyahu undermining Hayom.

At the start of their working relationship, Sara treated Adelson and her husband, Sheldon Adelson "very well". It wasn't until time passed she became sour with them.

"There were only complaints," Adelson told Channel 12.

Adelson said the complaints started mundane: "Her picture was too small. They didn't write something when she visited some children with cancer or something. She was always complaining. Always complaining. And it started to be unpleasant. We would listen; we’d hear it and not respond."

The complaints became worse when they turned into threats - especially on Hayom's coverage around the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel.

She was told by Sara it would be her fault if Iran wipes out Israel and was consistently screamed at down the phone.

"From the honored prime minister I would get phone calls in the United States with him screaming," she said, adding she would take the phone off her ear and allow him to continue in his rage, which sometimes persisted for as long as 10 minutes.

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