Young men riot against Israeli occupation in Dheisheh camp

Young men riot against Israeli occupation in Dheisheh camp
Israeli military forces raided homes and shops in the Palestinian camp to arrest young men after rioting broke out on Saturday.
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08 October, 2016
Rioters throw stones at Israeli forces in the Dheisheh camp on December 8 2015 [AFP]
Riots broke out at the entrance of the Dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine on Saturday morning, following months of brutal treatment by Israeli forces.

No injuries were reported and an undisclosed number of arrests were made as Israeli military used tear gas, live ammunition and stun grenades to repel the crowd of mainly young men.

Reports from the camp, south of Bethlehem, state that Israeli forces stormed a number of houses and shops in the camp in order to make the arrests.

The soldiers also set up a military checkpoint at the entrance from Bethlehem and prevented any vehicles from entering.

Riots of a similar kind are becoming more common in Palestine as unrest grows over the Israeli forces' brutal treatment of young men.

An August report by the BADIL Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights emphasised the high rate of violence in the Dheisheh camp, reporting that 18 youths had been shot in the legs.

The report references a "systematic Israeli military policy aimed at suppressing resistance, terrorising Palestinian youth, and causing permanent injuries and damage to their physical and mental well-being."