Yemeni rebels attack TV, broadcasting facilities in Taiz

Yemeni rebels attack TV, broadcasting facilities in Taiz

A local radio and television building in the Yemeni province of Taiz was destroyed and looted on Tuesday following a bomb attack by Houthi rebels.
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23 December, 2015
The popular resistance deterred a violent Houthi attack on Milat [Anadolu]

Houthi militants bombed on Tuesday a local radio and television broadcast building in the area of Thabat in Yemen's southern province of Taiz, locals told The New Arab.

The bombing destroyed most of the building, while the militants looted the equipment and devices inside.

According to a source in the city's eastern frontline, the popular resistance had carried out a military attack on the militants' sites in Thabat, including a building where a Houthi sniper was stationed, after he targeted three civilians in the area.

The resistance forces also captured another sniper, identified as Abdul Raouf Ali al-Samei.

On the western frontline, the militants bombed a school, destroying it completely, according to media activist Bassem al-Zerei.

Sources in the popular resistance also said that along with the national army, they had managed to deter a violent Houthi attack on the area of Milat on Tuesday, resulting in a number of casualties.

Witnesses said that clashes erupted south of the city when Houthi miltants attempted to attack and infiltrate popular resistance sites.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab coalition has launched five airstrikes targeting a Houthi weapons warehouse near the area of al-Raheda in southern Taiz, destroying most of their military equipment.

The airstrikes also targeted a technical and vocational institute in the area of al-Khatwa, killing 13 Houthi fighters and wounding several others, according to local sources.

Allowing aid

Activist Aref al-Maqtari told The New Arab that Houthi militants stationed at western checkpoints had allowed the entry of food aid to the besieged area of Habil Salman for two days only, commemorating the birth of the Prophet, an annual Muslim celebration.

On Tuesday, Yemen's UN envoy Khaled al-Yamani accused Houthi militias of hindering the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to all provinces, particularly in the north.

In a speech before the Security Council, Yamani added that the militias steal aid that arrives at the ports of Aden and Hudaida and sell them in the black market.

The Yemeni envoy asserted that his country was willing to do whatever it took to deliver aid and medicine to all areas.

In addition, Yamani called on the Security Council and the international community to put moe pressures on the Houthi militias to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to all of the affected areas in Yemen, and particularly in Taiz.