Yemeni extremists kill 16 at elderly care home

Yemeni extremists kill 16 at elderly care home
Four gunmen opened fire on residents of an elderly care home in Aden killing 16 people including four Indian nurses.
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04 March, 2016
Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group have made gains in Aden in recent months [Anadolu]

At least 16 people have been killed after gunmen attacked an elderly care home in Yemen's southern city of Aden.

The four gunmen who stormed the building in Aden's Sheikh Othman district began shooting the home's residents, officials told AFP.

Amongst those known to have died are four Indian nurses and a security guard. Witnesses say that dozens of family members and friends of the victims later rushed to the scene of the attack.

An official has blamed the Islamic State group for the attack, describing the perpetrators as "extremists". In recent months, IS are thought to have been gaining a hold in the port city of Aden. 

Whilst no party has yet claimed responsibility for the killings, al-Qaeda and the IS group have recently increased attacks in Aden.

Forces loyal to the internationally-recognised government and the Saudi-led coalition have been fighting Houthis and have general control over the city.

With the victims of Friday's attack mostly thought to be civilians.

This latest act of bloodshed is slightly out of step with the recent actions of religious extremist groups in Aden, who have mostly targeted pro-government forces and their Saudi coalition allies.

According to a security official, a suicide car bombing attack on Monday in Sheikh Othman targeted a group of government loyalists, killing four people and wounding five others.

This latest news comes just a day after the UN humanitarian chief told the security council on Thursday that all sides are to blame for attacks on civilians, which have seen over 2,000 children killed since the recent conflict began.

Addressing the UN Security Council, Stephen O'Brien said the relentless and often indiscriminate nature of the violence was made "starkly clear" last Saturday when 30 people were killed and 40 injured in a Saudi-led coalition strike on a busy market in the capital Sanaa.

Yemen has been in a state of war since March 2015, when Houthi forces allied to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh clashed with forces loyal to Abd Rabbuh Masur Hadi's government in Aden. On Thursday, Russia warned of a "very long conflict" in Yemen after facing frustrations in securing a ceasefire agreement.